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Definition of a dropshipper
A drop shipper is a product supplier who is willing to ship individual orders out one product at a time. Usually when products are purchased for resale you have to buy them in bulk quantities, have them shipped to you, and then ship them out to your customer. Dropshippers are the exception because they don't have minimum
purchase requirements and will ship the item directly to your customer when you place an order.
There are two big advantages of sourcing products through drop shippers.
  1.  First of all you don't have to carry your own inventory, which is a huge relief to most sellers.
  2. The other big benefit is the fact that you don't have to deal with shipping. Without having to deal with shipping can cut your time spent managing your business in half.
Because eBay is so extremely price competitive, it can be difficult to find products consistently from dropshippers. Sometimes product suppliers who dropship slightly raise their wholesale prices. They do this because they want to be compensated somewhat for taking the risk of carrying inventory and because they are wanting to compensate themselves for handling the shipping procedures for you.

This slight increase in price can make it difficult to resell the product on eBay because other sellers who carry their own inventory are undercutting everybody else.

Another reason using dropshippers can be frustrating is the competition. Because the advantages of using dropshippers is so widely known, once the word gets out that a particular supplier is dropshipping, many sellers flock to them. Before you know it you may be listing the exact same item with the exact same picture and description at the exact same time as many other sellers. With the large amounts of competition it can make it more difficult to find a products to sell for a profit.

With all of this said it is important to note that using dropshippers to source products can be very effective. The key is to make sure you are doing your presale research before you attempt to sell an item and to understand that you may have to really search and find for the products in each dropshipping warehouse that will successfully sell for you.

How to find dropshippers
 There are different ways to find drop shippers. We will focus on what we feel to be are the most effective and most time saving ways of find them.
  1. The most common way is to start by finding wholesalers and then contacting them to see if they would be willing to drop ship. It is much more effective to make contact by phone rather than email. Most wholesalers will want to see that you have a tax ID # and a registered business name with your State or Province.
  2. Dropshipping lists have been made available by groups that have researched wholesalers and product suppliers for you and have found that they do in fact drop ship. Finding a quality list can be extremely helpful but may also be time consuming. It's important to mention though that there are many lists advertised on the Internet that are very poor quality, be sure to look into any list you come across.


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